Earring Measurement Display Stand - Rectangle


Forget the gruelling task of measuring all of your earrings with a ruler when uploading them online. Instead, pop them onto our Earring Measurement Photography Stand, take a picture, and upload them to the product listing so your customers can see a visual representation of the size of the earrings.

Material: Acrylic 

Size: 103mm x 80mm without logo customisation. 110mm x 80mm with logo customisation.

Colour: Choose from over 50 colours. The base is clear. Please note that photos of the acrylic colour swatches may not represent the exact colour due to your computer monitor.

Logo customisation:

  • Please submit a black logo in a PNG, JPG. PDF or Ai format.

  • Your Earring Display Stand design will be emailed to you for approval. 1 round of revisions is allowed if you wish to change the size of the logo or move the position of it on the stand.

  • The logo must be perfectly clear in quality. Logos with thicker lines will be more visible. Logos will be more visible on clear or darker coloured colours.
  • Customised stands are non-refundable.

Hole size: 2mm 

How to make engraving more visible on stand: Before peeling the protective paper off the stand, use a paint pen to carefully colour in the engraved areas on the acrylic. Allow it to dry and then peel the protective paper off. 

How to construct: Peel the protective paper off the photography stand and simply insert the stand to the base. 


All orders are generally dispatched in 1-2 business days. Please view our FAQ Page to view delivery times to your state.